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Chances are you will only eat out a handful of times while you are here so eat like the locals. Our guide to Williamsburg Restaurants makes it easy to decide. We don't put together an exhaustive list of every restaurant, just the ones that are you are most likely to enjoy. We tried to put a variety of restaurants on the list, including Fine Dining Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Steakhouses, French Restaurants, Seafood and more. We include a brief review of the restaurant and links to their web site so you can get more information. Let us know what you think.

Restaurant Reviews

Williamsburg Restaurant Le Yaca French Restaurant
1430 High St
Williamsburg, Virginia
(757) 220-3616

Le Yaca Restaurant in Historic Williamsburg is a favorite of both tourists and locals alike. It ranks as one of the top 100 restaurants in the country as a Diners Choice award. The European restaurant was also designated Number 1 Platinum Plate Award Winner. The French cuisine focuses on high quality ingredients for each season. Check out the restaurants selection of American and French Wines all at an affordable price. Le Yaca Restaurant is located in Williamsburg, one of the top tourist destinations in the country. There are many restaurants to choose from in Williamsburg and we encourage you to make Le Yaca Restaurant one that you take time to visit. They also will be happy to accommodate any dietary and vegetarian requests. Ask the waiter to check with the chef.

Upscale Williamsburg Restaurant Fat Canary Williamsburg Restaurant
410 W Duke of Gloucester St
Williamsburg , Virginia
(757) 229-3333

Fat Canary restaurant is a AAA Four Diamond Award winner for seven years in a row. With entrees like Duck Breast, Free Range Guinea Fowl, Salmon Cauliflower and so many more one of a kind meals, you will see why this restaurant is one of Willamsburgs favorite restaurants. Its located in the center of Willamsburg and convenient to everthing. Oh did we mention Pan Seared Sea Scallops, Heritage Breed Pork Chop, and Goat Cheese Souffle?

Fine Dining Williamsburg Restaurant Food for Thought Restaurant
1647 Richmond Rd
Williamsburg, Virginia
(757) 645-4665

Food For Thought restaurant in Williamsburg features one of the most diverse menus that you will find. You can choose from healthy vegetarian dishes, classic American cuisine or more exotic ethnic food. There is a gluten free menu, kids, menu, and a Magic 55 senior menu. Food For Thought restaurant was awarded the Best New Williamsburg restaurant in 2006, it was also choosen as the restaurant with Best Comfort Food. The restaurants food is prepared with careful consideration for the enjoyment of their guests and is proud of each dish. The underpinning of the restaurant is built upon Classic American dishes such as Pot Roast, Meatloaf, and ribs. These are American and Williamsburg favorites. To complement these American favorites the Williamsburg restaurant added some newer, more contemporary flavors and choices like Pad Thai, Jamaican jerk chicken, flavored butters, and original vegetarian dishes.

 Steakhouse Williamsburg Restaurant Barrets Seafood Williamsburg Restaurant and Taphouse Grill
199 S Boundary St
Williamsburg , Virginia
(757) 253-1847

Berrets Seafood Restaurant and Taphouse in Williamsburg has been serving locals for over 20 years. Located close to William and Mary college, downtown Williamsburg, and Merchants Square the restaurant is convenient to all the historic parts of Williamsburg. Ten years running as the best of Williamsburg restaurants, Berrets restaurant should be on your list. The restaurant is always looking for fresh, regional seafood and produce. Being close to the ocean and Chesapeake Bay, Berrets restaurant can get the freshest shad, soft-shell crabs, sea trout, flounder, cobia, tuna, wahoo, bluefish, rockfish, sea bass, oysters, clams and more. Not only is the seafood great, you are sure to enjoy the restaurants Steaks, chicken and pork entrees with the same amount of attention and care. There are special menus for the kids. Check out the large selection of wines and Williamsburg beer. You will love the d├ęcor with special art pieces and paintings.

Williamsburg Restaurant Opus 9 Steakhouse Restaurant
5143 Main St
Williamsburg , Virginia
(757) 645-4779

Opus Restaurant in Williamsbug makes sure you get the best cuts and best selection of beef. Steaks are brought to your table sizzling and are served with lots of Potato choices - Sweet, Baked, Red Bliss Garlic, Mashed, Fries or Au Gratin. Or if you like Sauteed Vegeatables or Beanaise sauce, just let them know.

Williamsburg Restaurant Sals by Victor Italian Restaurant
1242 Richmond Rd
Williamsburg , Virginia
(757) 220-2641

Sal's by Victor Restaurant was voted in the Virginia Gazette's "Best in Williamsburg Restaurants" Best Italian Restaurant every year since 1996. Its family run and features Italian cuisine from Northern Italy and Southern Italy. The restaurant is customer focused and carries on the tradition of happy satisfied customers. When customers keep returning they know they are providing a good experience. Victor was raised on a farm in Italy and studied at the culinary school in Summonte. He then worked for some of the best restaurants in Europe. From this he learned to be a world class chef and brought that experience to Williamsburg. The most well known dish at Sal's restaurant is the Cavatoni alla Capri, and the New York pizza is not to be missed. All good restaurants rely on positive reviews from customers, they tell their friends. And Sal's in Williamsbug is no exception. Victor is a member of the Italian Chef's Association. Come and enjoy what dining is like in the small towns of Italy in the remodeled and beautiful dining area with hand chosen artwork from Italian.

Williamsburg Restaurant Nawab Indian Cuisine Restaurant
204 Monticello Ave
Williamsburg , Virginia
(757) 565-3200

Nawab Indian Restaurant specializes in the cuisine of the Indian Culture with delicate flavors combined with the heat and spice they are known for. The menu is filled with variety of entrees and tastes. The restaurant in Williamsburg uses only high quality ingredients, delicious sauces, and home made toasted spices and mixes. Nawab restaurant prepares each item from scratch and is fresh and healthy. The restaurant group formed over twenty years ago and has been a favorite ever since for Williamsburg locals and tourists. For Nawab, its not just the food, it's the culture and the importance of treating the customer with service that is second to none. If you have special dietary needs just let them know. They will try their best to accommodate you.

Williamsburg Restaurant Waypoint Seafood and Grill Fine Dining Restaurant in Williamsburg
1480 Quarter Path Rd
Williamsburg , Virginia
(757) 220-2228

Waypoint Seafood Restaurant in Williamsburg is known for using regional ingredients, produce grown at local farms, and the abundance of food from the local waters. The flavors change with the seasons along with all the elements used to bring satisfying meals to your table. The Waypoint restaurant features modern American cuisine with a classic touch. The restaurant itself is very pleasing with original art from local artists in the Williamsburg area. You will feel the regional touch and warmth. The chefs at the restaurant work with the local suppliers to make sure that the seafood is fresh and the best quality available. If it doesn't meet the high standards, it will not make it to the table. The same attention is paid to the cut and quality of the meat the restaurant serves. All this is important but just as important is making sure the food is prepared and served properly. One of the finest Williamsburg restaurants.

Williamsburg Restaurant The Yorkshire Steak and Seafood Restaurant
700 York St
Williamsburg , Virginia
(757) 229-9790

At the Yorkshire restaurant in Williamsburg you will enjoy a wonderful candlelit dinner in warm comfortable restaurant surroundings. It's casual and comfortable with large banquet facilities yet perfect for a family get together. Choose from fresh Williamsburg area seafood and poultry, delicious after meal deserts and wines. For over thirty years, the Yorkshire restaurant has been providing great food and service to Williamsburg.

Williamsburg Restaurant The Trellis Restaurant
403 W Duke of Gloucester St
Williamsburg , Virginia
(757) 229-8610

The Trellis restaurant in Williamsburg set out to build a restaurant that would be unmatched in regional cuisine. To do this they focused on using only the best ingredients found locally and prepared to bring out the full flavor. The Trellis restaurant is the modern American standard by which all others should be judged. It is a restaurant that knows only quality, fresh produce and responsibly raised products. Williamsburg is one of Americas great colonial towns that epitomizes the best of what made this country great. It is that same sense of respect for small artisan farmers and the quality of their products that the Trellis restaurant uses to prepare delicious meals in remarkable presentations. This started 30 years ago and continues to this day with exemplary service and attention to detail. The setting is beautiful. A delightful brick patio under beautiful trellises in the heart of Williamsburg makes for a supreme dining experience. The restaurant is located on Duke of Gloucester Street. Eat outside on the patio or inside with a view of the ultra modern kitchen. Before dinner enjoy your favorite wine or cocktail in the lounge. Then sit down and enjoy seafood from local waters or wonderful salads from locally grown produce. You are sure to enjoy one of the finest Williamsburg restaurants.

We hope we made it easier to decide between all the Williamsburg Restaurants you could eat at.

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