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Chances are you will only eat out a handful of times while you are here so eat like the Seattle locals. Our guide to Seattle Restaurants makes it easy to decide. We don't put together an exhaustive list of every restaurant in Seattle, just the ones that are you are most likely to enjoy. We tried to put a variety of restaurants on the list, including Fine Dining Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Steakhouses, French Restaurants, Seafood and more. You will find a brief review of the restaurant and link to their web site so you can get more detailed information. Let us know what you think about our Seattle Restaurants guide.

Restaurant Reviews

Seattle Restaurant Canlis Restaurant
2576 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA
(206) 283-3313

Canlis Restaurant is widely considered to be one of the best of all Seattle restaurants. For over 60 years Canlis has been delighting Seattle residents and visitors with innovative cuisine from around the world. It has received numerous awards and accolades from national and local publications. Zagat rated Canlis with the highest rating of all Seattle restaurants, Gourmet Magazine picked it as one of the best 50 restaurants in the country. The chefs have also won awards for best new chefs in Seattle. All this means you will be in for some great food. The restaurant is beautiful with floor to ceiling windows with an inviting view of the water. It is warm and cozy inside with white table cloth settings, natural stone and wood elements to compliment the creative menu. The menu is fabulous with appetizers like; steak tartar, Oysters, Foie Gras, Prawns, pork jowls, and a terrific family recipe salad. Entrees are carefully and thoughtfully prepared and feature Halibut, Salmon, Pan Seared Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Filet Mignon, Waqyu Beef, with some interesting sides. The desert menu may be the best of all the restaurants in Seattle with Tarts, Souffles, Creme Brulee, Sorbet and more. Ingredients are local and fresh and the service is superb. It is easy to see why it is one of the best Seattle restaurants.

Upscale Seattle Restaurant Spinasse Restaurant
1531 14th Ave
Seattle , WA
(206) 251-7673

Spinasse Restaurant opened its doors in Seattle in 2008 and since has become one of the best restaurants in Seattle. Seattle Magazine picked it as one of Seattle's best restaurants, best Italian Food, and best pasta. It has appeared on the cooking channel, and is considered to one of the most trend setting restaurants in Seattle. The cuisine is based on the foods of Northern Italy with house made pastas, and fresh ingredients from the Seattle area. In keeping with European traditions they try to source as many of the ingredients as possible from the Northwest. Buying from local farms insures the highest quality textures and flavors. Spinasse is rustic but refined and has the feeling of a northern Italy trattoria. The menu reflects the traditional techniques and ingredients with; Prosciutto, Tripe, Quail, Salads, roasted eggplant, and more. Main courses are delicious; Salmon, Pork, Quail, and more. The menu is seasonal so every visit is special with new and innovative culinary delights. Seattle restaurants are some of the best in the country and Spinasse is one of the reasons why. If you are looking for a special dining experience with great food, Spinasse is a good one to try tonight.

Fine Dining Seattle Restaurant Il Terrazzo Carmine Restaurant
411 1st Ave S
Seattle, WA

Carmine started serving authentic Italian food to diners in Seattle in 1984. Seattle restaurants come and go but the good ones last for generations. Carmine has received wide spread acclaim for its high quality food and service. The restaurant is bright, light and airy with large windows and an open feel. You can taste the quality and the classic Italian preparation. The menu is extensive and features authentic Italian cooking with modern presentation. The dinner menu is the most extensive of any of the Seattle restaurants and features delicious appetizers like; Antipasto, Carpaccio, Bruscheeta, Salmon, Calamari, Tuna tartar, Mushrooms, mussels, wonderful soups, salads and a lot more. The list of dinner entrees is long and mouth watering; several types of pasta with clams, prawns, salmone, mussels, meat, spinach and so much more. There are fabulous seafood entrees like Grilled Salmon, Cioppino, Scallops and more. There is also Osso Buco, Veal, Lamb, Duck, Pork Chops, NY Steak, and beef tenderloin. This is definately the restaurant you want to come to when people can't agree on what they want to eat. There is something for everyone. Carmine is also open for lunch and you get one of the most extensive lunch menus of all the Seattle restaurants with the same great quality. If you come after five o'clock parking is free.

 Steakhouse Seattle Restaurant Metropolitan Steakhouse Restaurant
820 2nd Ave
Seattle , WA
(206) 624-3287

All you need to do is read the media acclaim and you will be reservations for your next steak at Metropolitan. The common theme is best steak house in Seattle. It is the classic steak house but it is also one of the best Seattle Restaurants for service and sophistication. The restaurant built in 1903 is elegant, with tall ceilings, brass, mahogany wall panels and huge marble bar. White table cloths and well dressed professional wait staff lets you know you have a special evening ahead of you. The beef may be the best in Seattle, dry aged to perfection. The steaks are cooked over charcoal sealing in the flavor and tenderness. Open for lunch and dinner. The lunch menu is full of delicious appetizers; Artichoke, Tenderloin bites, crab, calamari, fresh soups and salads and more. The lunch salads are perfect for that mid day meal; Waldorf, Steak, and cobb. There are several sandwich choices; Turkey, Portobello, Chicken, Steak, Roast Beef, and burger's. Of course there are the best steaks in town, Sirloin, Filet Mignon, NY Strip, and others. There are always lunch specials, Fish and Chips, Fettuccine and more. Seattle restaurants are always trying to super serve and the Metropolitan Grill has a dinner menu that is extraordinary. A long list of appetizers like; oysters, crab, prawns, onion rings, Calamari, escargot and a lot more. There is a long list of soups and salads. The lobster bisque and clam chowder are delicious. There are always dinner specials but the main draw is the beef. Slow roasted prime rib, NY strip steaks, Sirloin, Porterhouse, Rib Eye, Delmonico, Filet, Chateaubriand and more. There is the perfect wine list and Martinis for any meal.

Seattle Seafood Restaurant Blueacre Seafood Restaurant
1700 7th Ave
Seattle , WA
(206) 659-0737

Blueacre Seafood is one of the Seattle restaurants that you read a lot about. It was chosen as one of the top restaurants in Seattle, best meal in Seattle, and having a great bar. The restaurant is modern, open, and light. There is plenty of seating with a lot of elbow room. The seafood is fresh coming from the coast with clean farm raised shellfish. The menu is extensive among seafood restaurants in Seattle. The lunch menu features several different types of oysters, great starters like; crab, clams, squid, prosciutto, mussels and more. The soups are unlike anything else you would get from any of the Seattle restaurants; duck and sausage gumbo and clam chowder. There are several salads and sandwiches as well. There are a lot of choices for the main course; Brisket Hash, special fish and chips, salmon, catfish, cod are just a few. The dinner menu is a seafood lovers dream with a long list of appetizers, oysters, soups, salads and sandwiches. The entrees are the main attraction with a lot of variety and preparation. There is fish and chips, Cioppino, sole, rockfish, salmon, bass, crab, lobster, tuna, halibut and much much more. If you love seafood, you will love Blueacre Seafood restaurant.

Seattle Restaurant BOKA Restaurant and Bar
1010 First Ave
Seattle , WA

BOKA stands out among downtown Seattle restaurants for being a very hip modern restaurant that echo's the vibrant neighborhood. The restaurant is just a few blocks off the water front and is within walking distance to everything. The interior is open and modern with wood floors that connect the dining area to create that urban gathering spot feel. BOKA restaurant sources many of the ingredients locally and from the region. BOKA is special among the downtown Seattle restaurants because it is more than a gathering spot, the food is superb with starters like; lamb and clams with saffron, Artichokes, Pork belly, Ahi, and some refreshing salads. The dinner menu has a wide variety; Wild Salmon, Sablefish, Halibut, Scallops, Sirloin Steak, Pork, Chicken, Duck and Tofu. BOKA restaurant is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Breakfast features some great omlettes, eggs benedict, Huevos Rancheros, Hash, Quiche and more. Grab a bite to eat in the middle of day with a great lunch menu featuring some great soups and salads, burger's, Wagyu sandwich, pork sandwich, salmon burger, fish tacos, and more. There is also free WI-FI.

Seattle Restaurant Gorditos Mexican Restaurant
213 N 85th St
Seattle , WA
(206) 706-9352

Gorditos could be one of the best Mexican restaurants in Seattle. They may also be the healthiest of the Seattle restaurants with their focus of healthy preparation techniques and ingredients. This is an important piece of their philosophy. They are free of trans fatty acids, the ingredients are fresh, and they grill their food. They also have special vegetarian selections. The restaurant is known for large servings so even the hungriest leaves satisfied. Just look at the "Baby" burrito. It didn't get the name because it is small, its the size of something the stork just dropped on the door step. The healthy menu has all the Mexican favorites but also a unique twist on each, Prawn Tacos, Veggie Tacos, Potato Burritos, Fish Burritos, Tostadas, Nachos, Quesadillas, and more. The plates are excellent with; Fajita Plates, Enchiladas, Tilapia, Chicken, Carne Asada, and Combo Plates. They are also open for breakfast with Huevos Rancheros and assorted tacos and burritos. All the salsas are made in house and are some of the best you will ever taste. Sit outside and enjoy the patio, start with some house made chips and salsa, the terrific service and your favorite fish, pork, vegatable, or beef burrito.

Seattle Restaurant Long Provincial Vietnamese Restaurant
1901 2nd Ave
Seattle , WA
(206) 443-6266

Long's is one of those great Seattle restaurants located downtown. Featuring traditional Vietnamese cuisine that is delicious. It has received recognition from The Seattle Times, Settle Metropolitan, Seattle Weekly and many more because the food is a mouth watering delight. The grilled meat and vegetables are fabulous. Choose from different satay options; Mushroom Satay, Lemongrass Tofu, Okra Lemongrass, Eggplant, Prawns, Squid, beef, pork, chicken and more. The appetizers menu is extensive to say the least with grilled vegetables, seafood, meat, various spring rolls, skewered chicken and beef, egg rolls, clams and a lot more. The choices of Appetizers, Specialty dishes, seafood, satay, meat, soups, and rice dishes seem endless. The restaurants Squid satay was selected as one of Seattle 2009's best dishes. The food is so good with so many options and variety you will want to keep coming back and trying new things. The atmosphere and service is among the best in Seattle.

Seattle Seafood Restaurant Ray's Boathouse Seafood Restaurant
6049 Seaview Ave NW
Seattle , WA
(206) 789-3770

Ray's Boathouse Restaurant is the perfect location for a seafood restaurant, on the water. You can dine and watch boats drift by in the beautiful waters of the Puget Sound and the magnificent mountains in the background. The interior is a study in craftsmanship with beautiful wood, large windows, and perfect lighting. Ray's opened over 40 years ago and has been one of the Seattle restaurants that continue to delight guests to this day with some of the freshest seafood available. Even after 40 years the restaurant is constantly challenging itself to innovate and create the perfect meal. The fish is thoughtfully prepared to deliver the optimal texture and taste. Being locally owned the restaurant is part of the community and is committed to making sure the food and service is the best. They are also committed to sourcing as much fish and produce possible from the Seattle region. The freshness is obvious with the first bite. The menu is outstanding with food delightfully prepared and presented. The menu features excellent appetizers; Calamari, Mussels, Clams, Salmon, and fresh soups and salads. The seafood is like no other with Cedar Plank Salmon, Halibut with almonds, Dungeness Crab, King Crab, Sablefish and more. They also have tender Wagyu Beef, Scallops, Chicken, Rib Eye, Lamb, and Lobster. The bar is just a great place to have a few cocktails overlooking the water.

Seattle Restaurant Tulio Italian Restaurant
1100 5th Ave
Seattle , WA
(206) 624-5500

Tulio is one of the Seattle restaurants that always satisfies the diner. The atmosphere is eloquent and perfect for a traditional Italian cuisine. Walking through the front door and seeing the white table cloth settings, taking in the aromas you know you are in a real Italian restaurant and in for a great meal. The restaurant is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Seattle and Travel Magazine selected it as one of the best Italian restaurants in America. The quality of the food is outstanding which is a result of their dedication to local sourcing and the careful preparation they put into every meal. They are open for breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner and every meal is prepared with the same skill. The lunch menu has some great appetizers, salads, pizza, calzone, Roasted Chicken, pork belly, liguine, ravioli, seasonal fish, and more. Dinner features those same great appetizers and salads with Salmon, Rib Eye, Braised Pork, Lamb, Veal Chops, Duck, and seasonal fish. Every item on the menu is prepared with imagination and fresh ingredients that really bring out the flavor. That may be why it is a Seattle favorite and why people keep coming back.

We hope we made it easier to decide between all the Seattle Restaurants you could eat at.

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