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Chances are you will only eat out a handful of times while you are here so eat like the New Orleans locals. Our guide to New Orleans Restaurants makes it easy to decide. We don't put together an exhaustive list of every restaurant in New Orleans, just the ones that are you are most likely to enjoy. You will find brief reviews of each restaurant with links to their web site so you can get more information. We tried to put a variety of restaurants on the list, including Fine Dining Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Steakhouses, French Restaurants, Seafood and more. Let us know what you think about our New Orleans Restaurants guide.

Restaurant Reviews

New Orleans Commanders Restaurant Commanders Palace Restaurant
1403 Washington Ave
New Orleans, LA
(504) 899-8221

Commanders Restaurant in New Orleans features Creole cuisine. New Orleans is known for fabulous dining and Commanders restaurant is no exception. Commanders makes the effort to source as much as it can from farmers and supplies near New Orleans and South East Louisiana, because of this the dishes are full of flavor and freshness. They have made it a policy to get most of their ingredients from within the region. The restaurant even grows its own herbs on premise, so what you are eating now was in the ground just a few minutes ago. The building is beautiful with an open and clean look, with lots of light and matching colors. This compliments the Creole cuisine. The lunch menu is definitely Louisiana with a wide variety of Creole foods; Oysters, Jerk Chicken, Gumbo, Quail, Souffle, Crawfish, Yellow Fin Tuna, Beef Brisket, Veal and a lot more. The dinner menu is loaded with mouth watering flavors; Frog Legs, Pork Belly, Foie Gras, Turtle Soup, Gumbo, Fish, Angus Beef, Seafood Ceviche, Crab, and so much more. Desserts are always a treat with Cobblers, Flambe, Parfaits and more. You can't go wrong when you eat at Commanders Palace Restaurant in New Orleans.

Upscale New Orleans Restaurant Olivers Creole Restaurant
204 Decatur Street
New Orleans , LA
(504) 525-7734

Olivier's Restaurant in New Orleans is famous for authentic Creole food that has been perfected with each generation. The family has been satisfying the palates of guests since it opened in 1979. The food at the restaurant has been featured on major television networks. It's that good!! The food is true to the Creole tradition and what people expect when they come to New Orleans. The restaurant is located in the French Quarter where the tradition began in New Orleans. These traditions and recipes have earned Olivier's restaurant wide acclaim for their food and especially their award winning Gumbo. When you think of Olivier's you think innovative, that is one reason why the food at this restaurant is different from anything else you would find in New Orleans. Come in for lunch and start with a Shrimp Cocktail, Crab Cake, or Gumbo. Select from Several seafood entries, shrimp, catfish, and more. Lunch options include, Red Beans and Rice, Jambalaya, Okra, Shrimp Creole, and Etouffee. The dinner menu is just as mouth watering, Rabbit, Scampi, Crawfish, crab, and shrimp prepared with traditional Creole techniques. There is also duck, pork, rib eyes, Roasted chicken and a lot more. They also have a large wine selection to compliment any meal. Olivier's is one of the best in Creole cooking among all New Orleans restaurants.

Fine Dining New Orleans Restaurant Antoine's French Creole Restaurant
713 Saint Louis St
New Orleans, LA
(504) 581 4422

It's not often you get to dine in a restaurant that is over 170 years old. Antoine's in New Orleans is one of the very few restaurants that can make that claim. It's the oldest in New Orleans and still owned by the same family. The food is remarkable and historic. This is the place that invented Oysters Rockefeller for one of the wealthiest people in the world at the time. They also invented the famous poached eggs named after famous French actor Sardou, and a special Potato Souffles that you need to try for yourself. The setting is magnificent as you might expect with over a dozen dining rooms beautifully decorated each in a unique and different way. Some large and elegant and some small and cozy. The list of celebrities that have dined at the New Orleans restaurant is long and varied; from presidents, popes, sports superstars, actors, actresses, artists, movie stars and royalty. The menu is superb with a long list of appetizers including their famous Oysters Rockefeller, Baked Oysters, Escargot, Shrimp remoulade, crab, crawfish, just to name a few. The entrees are absolutely mouth watering, Stuffed Chicken breast, Lamb Chops, Filer Mignon, Chareaubriand, Rib eye, Fish, Trout, Pompano, Soft Shell Crabs, and the list goes on. The desserts are just what you would expect from one of New Orleans best restaurants, delicious. There are also special seasonal and holiday menus so there is always something new to try and enjoy. If you are around Sunday morning come in and enjoy the buffet and some Jazz to go along with the fabulous meal. Antoine's restaurant is a New Orleans tradition.

 Steakhouse New Orleans Restaurant Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse Restaurant
716 Iberville Street
New Orleans , LA
(504) 522-2467

Dickie Brennans Restaurant in New Orleans has been serving the perfect steak since 1998. The longevity of this restaurant is a result of grilling to perfection. It has not gone unnoticed because it has received wide national acclaim at one of the best steakhouse restaurants in America and best restaurants in New Orleans. The service is equal to the food and you will leave touting the praise of the service to all your friends. There are several beautiful dining rooms to give you that cozy feel, and the upscale bar is a great place to hang out before dinner. You can even eat at the bar for a more laid back experience. Dickie Brennan's restaurant is proud to source its food from areas near New Orleans because it it fresh and that's where the produce and wild life has come from for generations of New Orleans chefs. The menu is exemplary with a special two course meal for lunch and favorites like French Dip, Filet Mignon, Shrimp, Blackened fish, Rib eye, Burger's plus some great tasting soups and salads. The dinner menu sports some great appetizers like oysters, portobello mushrooms, shrimp, escargot, crab. The entrees feature tender prime beef steaks, Filet Mignon, Rib eyes, Porterhouse and a lot more. This is why Dickie Brennan's is considered one of New Orleans best restaurants.

New Orleans Restaurant August French Restaurant
301 Tchoupitoulas St.
New Orleans , LA

August French Restaurant in New Orleans is contemporary French and good. It has received awards for the wine selection, best restaurants in New Orleans, and many more. The food is prepared using techniques honed from years of experience in France and the New Orleans region. The restaurant is beautiful inside with original historic elements and wood finish. There are several posh rooms that compliment the food and staff. It all fits together to provide the ultimate dining experience. The menu is classic French with delicious appetizers, goat cheese salad, foir gras, gnocchi, oysters and more. The seafood at August restaurant is cooked perfectly, Trout, Pompano, Snapper and crab. Meat entrees are Smoked Beef, pork and duckling. Ask about the special menus which are really special. The restaurant can also cater private events and handle large parties. August restaurant is a very special place.

New Orleans Seafood Restaurant Deanie's Seafood Restaurant
841 Iberville St.
New Orleans , LA
(504) 581-1316

Deanie's Seafood in New Orleans is one of those restaurants where it all about the food. Just about everyone agrees, and it has the awards to back it up, that it is the best seafood restaurant in New Orleans. Deanie's opened in 1961 and has been delighting people ever since. The seafood is fresh, cooked perfectly and served in large portions. If you love seafood you will love this restaurant. Sit inside or dine outside in the beautiful courtyard. It is close to everything in the French Quarter so you can walk from anywhere. The restaurants in New Orleans feature some great chef's and Deanie's is no exception with the head chef having studied at culinary schools in France. This restaurant helped build the tradition of great food in the French Quarter. This is one of the best seafood menus around and why this is consistently one of the locals favorites. It features what locals like best; Crawfish Etouffee, Stuffed Flounder, Shrimp, Oysters, Crab, Crawfish, Po-Boy sandwiches, Gumbo and more. Delicious appetizers like, Boiled Crawfish, Shrimp Remoulade, Oysters on the half shell, Fried Calamari, and Artichoke. Food, food and more food. Service is fast so it gets to you hot. This is one restaurant you are going to coming back to.

New Orleans French Restaurant R'evolution Restaurant
777 Bienville Street
New Orleans , LA
(504) 553 - 2277

Be prepared to be amazed. You haven't seen food like this anywhere else. R'evolution Restaurant in New Orleans takes Creole cuisine to another level. The chef's at the restaurant have taken the standard Cajun fare and added a slight twist to give you a little different taste that makes the meal special. You will find the Gumbo's and all the stuff you might expect to find on the menu but you are also going to get a tasted of the out of the ordinary. Menu items like; alligator, crawfish, and frog all prepared with your enjoyment in mind. You will also notice some of the ingredients are sourced from right in the area, kumquats and persimmons. You can tell the restaurant puts a lot of effort into the special touches that sperate the dining experience here from other restaurants in New Orleans. It takes dedicated chefs to seek out and find the best local spices and flavors to prepare these unique interpretations of cuisine that has been such a part of this part of Louisiana. The menu is jaw dropping with the variety and uniqueness of each item. You will find Gumbos that you won't find anywhere else. There is also Turtle soup, qail eggs, ahi, oysters, Venison carpaccio and other great appetizers like, Caviar, Foie Gras, Sweetbreads and more. Main courses feature Pastas; linquine, tortelli, and rigatoni. There are fabulous fish entrees of Shrimp, Crab, Scallops, Cobia, mussels, lobster and more. The meats are just as unique with Lamb, Veal, Quail, Duck, Filet Mignon, Prime Rib and much, much more. Of all the New Orleans restaurants, this one is one of the best.

New Orleans Restaurant Broussard's Restaurant
819 Rue Conti
New Orleans , LA

Broussard's Restaurant has been a New Orleans dining destination for over 90 years. The meals are superb with their Creole beginnings and French inspiration. New Orleans restaurants vary widely in the different types of cuisine. They also vary in the way that Creole cuisine is prepared. Each restaurant has a unique twist and even though the restaurant is over 90 years old, it still innovates and evolves. The food becomes the experience and the atmosphere at Broussard's amplifies the dining experience like no other. The restaurant has received numerous awards and accolades over the years for its wonderful food and fine dining presentation. It all comes down to the menu and that is where Broussard's really shines. The appetizers feature; Jumbo Shrimp, Beef Carpaccio, Scallops, Foie Gras, Oysters and more. The dinner menu features; Trout, Dover Sole, Ostrich, Pheasant, Lamb and Tenderloin. The Creme Brulee, Puddings, and Strudels are delicious. Don't hesitate to dine at Broussard's Restaurant tonight.

New Orleans Restaurant Tujague's Restaurant
823 Decatur Street
New Orleans , LA

There is a lot of history and tradition among New Orleans restaurants and Tujaque's qualifies in spades. The restaurant opened its doors in 1856 and is the second oldest. What started out as a place serving breakfast to local workers in the French Quarter grew to be one of the best New Orleans restaurants. At Tujaque's you not only get a great meal but you get to experience the history of New Orleans. The food is delicious and prepared in the Creole Tradition using fresh ingredients sourced locally. They still buy from one of the oldest markets in New Orleans. Each day they buy the ingredients they need so the meals are fresh and flavorful. This explains why numerous celebrities from Presidents to Foreign Dignitaries, to Actors and Sports legends have taken in the delicious Creole Cuisine. The bar is much the same as it was 100 years ago and has been named one of the best bars in the country. The menu is full of Louisiana favorites with some great soups and salads. The appetizers are terrific. Munch on Tuna, Oysters, Shrimp, Crab, Tomatoes and Gnocchi. The dinner menu features Filet Mignon, Veal and Lamb Chops, Blackened Fish, Pork Tenderloin, Shrimp, Brisket and Crab. This is one of the New Orleans restaurants you definitely want to spend an evening having a delicious meal in a historic setting.

New Orleans Restaurant La Boca Argentine Steak House Restaurant
870 Tchoupitoulas Street
New Orleans , LA

La Boca is a fabulous Argentine Steak House in New Orleans and is one of the top rated steak houses in the city. Superb beef is what makes it one of the best of New Orleans restaurants. As with all Argentine Steak houses you are showered with a variety of beef that is perfectly cooked to your liking. Prime Strip Steaks, Rib Eye, Filet Mignon, T-Bone, Tenderloins and so much more. You'll find fabulous salads and appetizers like home made sausage, Bruschetta, Chorizo and Cheeses. You can also select some south American pasta dishes that you won't find anywhere else. The cuisine is what you would find a great steak house in Argentina with the same preparation and service. All the meat is carefully chosen and source from select ranches from Oregon to Mississippi. You'll find Kobe and Angus, nothing but the best. After all if steak is you specialty you make sure that it is the finest available. New Orleans is known for fabulous French and Creole restaurants, but it also has one of the best steak houses around. Feeling hungry tonight, then come to La Boca for a great steak. You may want to call ahead for reservations.

We hope we made it easier to decide between all the New Orleans Restaurants you could eat at.

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