Key West Restaurants

There are few places like Key West. The climate, culture and history all influence the restaurants in Key West. This presents a truly unique dining experience. And chances are you will only eat out a handful of times while you are here. Our guide to Key West Restaurants makes it a little easier to decide. We don't put together an exhaustive list of every restaurant, just the ones that are you are most likely to enjoy. There is a write up of each restaurant and links to their web sites so you can get more information. We selected a variety of restaurants with some Fine Dining Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Steakhouses, French Restaurants, Mexican, Seafood and more. Let us know what you think.

Restaurant Reviews

Key West Restaurant Blue Haven Key West Restaurant
729 Thomas St
Key West, Florida
(305) 296-8666

Blue Haven is one of the interesting Key West restaurants that you will find on this island. The creative decor is definitely Key West and the atmosphere is casual but the food is serious. The restaurant opened in 1992 and with the addition of Chef Pailloux it has developed sophisticated flavors and textures. The seafood is fresh each day and is prepared and cooked perfectly. They are open for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Sunday Brunch. Breakfast is served until 2pm and features several types of pancakes, Eggs Benedict, Eggs any style, Omlettes, Shrimp and Grits, Sausage, Bacon, Potatoes, Banana Bread, and more. Lunch is served 12 to 4pm and has some refreshing options like; Black Bean Soup, Caesar Salad, Chicken Salad, Shrimp Melt, Fish Sandwich, Burger's, and some great desserts. Dinner is really special with some great appetizers like carrot and curry soup, black bean, baby greens salad, scallops and shrimp. Entrees are mouth watering with unique seasonings and flavors; Yellowtail with a citrus sauce, BBQ Shrimp, Pork Tenderloin with mango chutney, Scallops, Jerk Chicken, Filet Mignon, Portobello Mushroom, and of course delicious desserts. They have a great wine list to compliment the excellent entrees. Like many restaurants in Key West you can dine inside or out. Sitting outside under the tropical plants makes you feel like you are on vacation.

Key West Restaurant Michaels Key West Steakhouse Restaurant
532 Margaret St
Key West , Florida
(305) 295-1300

Michael's may be one of the best Key West restaurants. The cuisine equals anything you would find in New York or Chicago. Zagat calls it the number one restaurant in the keys. It is a Key West inspired traditional menu. The restaurant is very eloquent with white table cloth settings. Coupled with a Key West atmosphere it all feels sophisticated but right at home on the island. The steaks are prime beef and the seafood is fresh daily. The appetizers are delicious and just what you would expect from a fine dining restaurant; French Onion Soup, Beef Carpaccio, Tuna, Shrimp, Scallops, Oysters, Artichoke, and several salads like beet, wedge, Caesar, Spinach and more. The list of dinner entrees is long and has Filet Mignon, New York Strip, Rib Eye, Veal Chop, Duck, Mahi, Snapper, Salmon, and Chicken pasta. Make dinner fun with one of the cheese fondue's; Gruere, Four Cheese, Mushroom Beer and more. Everything on the menu is delicious but the desserts may the highlight of the night; Chocolate Volcano, Key Lime Pie, Cheesecake, Red Velvet Cake, Creme Brulee, Sorbet and more. The restaurant is located in a very charming part of town. The location, mouth watering steaks, and exceptional service will make you want to come back often.

Fine Dining Key West Restaurant Seven Fish Seafood Restaurant
632 Olivia St
Key West, Florida
(305) 296-2777

The variety among Key West restaurants is what makes the island a dining delight. Seven Fish Restaurant ads to the uniqueness. The restaurant is often referred to as eclectic with the cozy feel of a corner bistro. The food is outstanding earning the highest score among all Key West restaurants from Zagat. Fish is their specialty and they do it well. The seafood is fresh and local. It is prepared in a variety of ways that you won't experience any where else. The restaurant seats about 40 so make reservations or get there early because it is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. The menu has a wide variety of choices. The appetizers are tasty with Mushroom Quesadilla, Shrimp Salsa, Crab Cakes, Ceviche, and fresh salads. The entrees feature only the freshest fish, scallops, Gnocchi, Seafood Pasta, NY Strip Steak, Shrimp Scampi, Mahi Mahi, Chicken, and surprisingly good meat loaf. The Seven Fish Seafood Restaurant is a Key West gem not to be missed.

Key West Restaurant La Trattoria Italian Restaurant
524 Duval St
Key West , Florida
(305) 296-1075

La Trattoria opened their doors over 30 years ago and today has two Key West Restaurants, Oceanside and La Trattoria. The original La Trattoria has that sophisticated bistro feeling. Oceanside is a little more eloquent with white table cloths and upscale settings. The food at both is excellent with fresh ingredients carefully prepared. The seafood comes from local waters and is as fresh as it gets. The dishes are authentic Italian fare and are delicious. The dinner menu is extensive with a long list of appetizers and entrees. The appetizers feature; Bruschetta, Eggplant, Prosciutto, Mushrooms, Carpaccio, Escrgot, Mussels, Soups and Salads. The main entrees are perfectly cooked and prepared with a variety of pasta dishes like; Penne Pasta, Ravioli, Tortellini, Linquine, Chicken Parmigian, and more. The fish is fabulous; Snapper, Shrimp, and Scallops. You will also find veal dishes, filet mignon, NY Strip Steak, Lamb Chops, Ossobuco, and surf and turf. There are always daily specials that let you try something a little different and lets the chefs showcase their creativity. The service is unmatched and the wait staff are professional and helpful.

Key West Restaurant Alonzo Berlins Lobster House Restaurant
700 Front St
Key West , Florida
(305) 294-5880

The A and B Lobster House is a beautiful place to have dinner. Sitting on the water with incredible views of sailboats and the marina. You can dine inside in an eloquent setting or sit outside in sophisticated style and feel the breeze and hear the sounds of the ocean. The cuisine is innovative merging the food of Key West with modern techniques. The seafood comes from the local waters and is always fresh. Florida lobsters are served when available. The chefs are masters with several styles of preparation and presentation so the food is not just delicious but a work of art as well. Everything on the menu is taken to another level with special combinations, flavors, seasonings and preparation. This may be one of the best Key West restaurants in the amount of innovation that goes into each item. The appetizers are superb with specialty items like; Lobster and sauteed escargot, Oysters Rockefeller, Roasted Mussels, Crab, Escargot, Tuna, Shrimp Cocktail, scallops, and caviar. There is an excellent Clam Chowder and Lobster Bisque. The entrees are the main attraction with Surf and Turf, Strip Steak, Filet Mignon, Chicken, Pork Chops, Lobster Thermidor, Lobster Tails, Grouper, Snapper, Tuna, Scallops, and so much more. The wine list is well thought out and perfect for the cuisine. After dinner have a cocktail at the Martini Bar.

Key West Restaurant El Meson de Pepe Restaurant
410 Wall St, Key West
Key West , Florida
(305) 295-2620

El Meson de Pepe opened their doors in 1984 and is the best of the Cuban Key West restaurants. The Cuban influence is a big part of Key West cuisine having brought the spices and flavors to the food more than 100 years ago. El Pepe's is family owned and operated and it shows, the hospitality and quality of the food is excellent. There is a long list of Tapas with ; Conch Fritters, several pork and chicken options prepared using traditional methods, scallops, Calamari, Jumbo Shrimp. Nachos, Plantains, coconut shrimp and more. There is the special black bean soup, chicken noodle, and conch chowder. What really sets El Pepe's apart from other restaurants in Key West is the authentic main entrees prepared Cuban style like the Picadillo Habanero, shredded beef, churrasco, Sirloin Steak, Flank Steak, marinated chicken, roasted pork, and pork chops. You can't come to Key West and not dine on seafood Cuban style. El Pepe's has a variety of seafood on the menu like; Yellowtail, Grouper, Mahi Mahi, Shrimp, and seafood medleys. The lunch menu is full of delicious Cuban Sandwiches and a hamburger for those who want to stick to something closer to home.

Key West Restaurant Louie's Backyard Key West Restaurant
Fine Dining

700 Waddell Ave
Key West , Florida
(305) 294-1061

Louie's is just one of those fabulous Key West restaurants. It is a Zagat favorite. The building is historic and on the National Register. With the waterfront location the view is spectacular. People go to restaurants for the food and the food is a result of the quality of the ingredients and the skill of the chef. Louie's excels at both. Chef Shook has been delighting guests for almost 30 years. He understands the ingredients and how to bring out the flavor. The ingredient are fresh. The produce, fruits and flowers come from local farms. The snapper, grouper, swordfish, and shrimp come from local waters. Lunch at Louie's is a fun time. You can sit there overlooking the ocean on a sunny day and dine on some great appetizers, salads, sandwiches, or entrees. There are several appetizers to choose from; Conch Chowder, Conch Fritters, Shrimp, Calamari, Seviche, and more. The Caesar and other salads are refreshing. You can get sandwiches like, Tuna Burger, Snapper Sandwich, Lobster Sandwich, Tenderloin Sandwich, and more. Mussels, Jerk Shrimp, and chicken breast are a few of the entrees. The dinner menu has a long list of appetizers including Foie Gras, Tuna Tartare, Conch and a lot more. The dinner entree list is long and features; King Salmon, Grilled Tuna, Shrimp, Lobster, Scallops, Quail, Beef Filet, Pork Chops, and more. Louie's Upper Deck is on the top floor and has one of the best views among restaurants in Key West. It is perfect for some wine and munchies.

Key West Restaurant Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant
2804 N Roosevelt Blvd
Key West , Florida
(305) 296-8608

Chinese restaurants are known for variety and quantity and these two words describe Hong Kong Chinese - Japanese Restaurant perfectly. There are 25 different delicious appetizers form wings, pork, ribs, egg rolls, wontons, dumplings, crab and so much more. There are over 10 types of soup including; miso, nori, egg drop, hot and sour, seafood and more. You will find several types of lo mein, pork, chicken, shrimp, beef, mu shu, and chow mein dishes all perfectly cooked. For sushi lovers they have over 30 options including all the favorites; California roll, eel roll, and crunchy Tuna. You also get sushi rolls that you won't find anywhere else. They take pride in using only the freshest produce, seafood, and meat. The food is excellent and the service is quick. They also have free delivery including sushi, so if you don't feel like going out after a long day at the beach, get comfortable and have the food brought to you. They are open daily from 10:30 in the morning until 10:30 at night so any time is a good time to come to one of the best Chinese restaurants in Key West.

Key West Restaurant Azur Mediterranean Restaurant
425 Grinnell St
Key West , Florida
(305) 292-2987

Azur is one of those Key West restaurants that really take pride in their innovative menu. The chefs have international experience that they use to prepare world class meals. The restaurant has received acclaim from the media for the quality of the food and experience. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their brunch is considered to be one of the best in south Florida. The breakfast menu features a great Mediterranean breakfast and a delicious Hash breakfast. There are several types of Eggs Benedict from the traditional to Eggs with Salmon, or Snapper. There are all kinds of options for lunch with Beef Gnocchi, Hummus, salads like Octopus, Yellowtail, Caprese, Tuna, and more. They have sandwiches you won't find anywhere else, Angus Ciabatta, Snapper Key Lime Sandwich, Duck Sandwich, Crab BLT, and some really special sides like, Eggplant chips, specially prepared Brussel sprouts and many more unique sides. Dinner is exceptional with superb appetizers like; Baba Ghanoush, Octopus, Mussels, Clams, Shrimp and more. There are a lot of entree options from small entrees like lamb shank, Pork, Confit Duck, and Snapper. Main entrees are delicious with Roasted Chicken, Pork, Duck, Lamb Shank, and Snapper. They also have home made Gnocchi, Tasting menus, and fresh salads.

Key West Restaurant Santiago's Bodega Tapas Restaurant
207 Petronia St
Key West , Florida
(305) 296-7691

Santiago's restaurant is a great place to go munch on some delicious tapas. There are over 30 to chose from. The soups are excellent with Shrimp Bisque, Mushroom, Lentil, and French Onion. The salads are fresh and crisp with Iceberg, Spinach, Greek, and avocado. You can choose from an extensive list of both cold and hot tapas. The cold tapas might be; beef carpaccio, smoked salmon, bruschetta, ceviche, tuna, and hummus plate. Hot tapas range from; short ribs, lamb, chicken, beef tenderloin, meatballs, shrimp, grouper, and quesadillas. The atmosphere is casual and the food is perfectly prepared.

Key West Restaurants Camille's Restaurant
1202 Simonton Street
Key West , Florida
(305) 296-4811

The locals consider Camille's to be one of their favorite Key West restaurants. It is fun and the atmosphere exudes Key West style. Zagat referred to it as the best in food and service. The cuisine is casual gourmet. This means you are going to get a gourmet meal at very reasonable prices. And the food is good, so good it is wise to make reservations. The serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some people think they may have one of the best breakfasts in the state. The menu is always changing and new. For breakfast get some great eggs Benedict, special waffles, French Toast, Omelettes, and more. Lunch may feature; grilled chicken, portobello mushrooms, turkey, mahi mahi, and more. Dinner appetizers are superb with stone crab, shrimp, Caprese Salad, and Baba Ganoush. The main entrees are perfectly prepared with tender Filet Mignon, Stone Crab, Jumbo Shrimp, Veal, Snapper, and also vegetarian selections. The desserts are hard to beat, Zagat awarded them with the best Key Lime Pie. It is easy to see why Camille's is the locals favorite.

We hope we made it easier to decide between all the Key West Restaurants you could eat at.

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