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Chances are you will only eat out a handful of times while you are here so eat like the Ann Arbor locals. Our guide to Ann Arbor Restaurants makes it easy to decide. We don't put together an exhaustive list of every restaurant in Ann Arbor, just the ones that are you are most likely to enjoy. There are reviews for a select group of restaurants and links to each web site. We tried to put a variety of restaurants on the list, including Fine Dining Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Steakhouses, French Restaurants, Seafood and more. Let us know what you think about our Ann Arbor Restaurants guide.

Restaurant Reviews

Ann Arbor French Restaurant The Earle Restaurant
121 W Washington St
Ann Arbor, MI
(734) 994-0211

The Earle restaurant offers award-winning French and Italian country cuisine in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor. For 21 consecutive years Wine Spectator magazine has recognized The Earle's list of more than 1,200 selections with its Best of Award of Excellence. The restaurant is a is also a premier location for music in Ann Arbor, featuring live jazz five nights a week, with solo acts on piano or guitar beginning at 7pm Tuesday through Thursday, and a jazz trio entertaining guests Fridays and Saturdays starting at 8pm. A relaxing evening at The Earle might begin in the restaurant's wine bar, which offers not only a cozy atmosphere, but also features an excellent list of wines by the glass, signature martinis, and a full selection of spirits. Complement your experience with a sandwich or hand-made pizza from the wine bar menu. Meet at The Earle for drinks between 5pm and 8pm Monday through Friday for the what has been voted the best Happy Hour in Ann Arbor and enjoy 20% most beverages and wine bar fare. And be sure to try The Earle's signature white wine steamed mussels with tomato and garlic, available only on weeknights between 5:30 and 6:30.

Upscale Ann Arbor Restaurant Logan Restaurant
115 W Washington St
Ann Arbor , MI
(734) 327-2312

At Logan Restaurant in Ann Arbor, classic French technique and contemporary American cuisine combine in a menu that is at once elegant and refined but also familiar. Chef Thad Gillies embraces the influences of Asian, Latin American, and European cultures to explore his own interpretation of "New American Cuisine," elevating traditional ingredients in a diverse range of textures and flavors. The wine list at Logan is continually evolving in response to the restaurant's creative kitchen, with the addition of a new wine nearly every day. The resulting pairing options are nearly endless, and the staff at Logan takes particular pride in their innovative matchmaking. The restaurant also values diversity in their wine offerings, focusing especially on wines from independent estates, and collaborating with talented winemakers the world over to discover vintages that are not only high quality, but also approachable. This is just one of the ways Logan Restaurant fosters a dining experience that is truly unique and memorable. However, wine is not Logan's only specialty. The restaurant has passionately responded to the beer culture in Ann Arbor, providing an excellent selection of bottled beers, in addition to a full range of spirits and an ethereal collection of single-malt scotch.

Fine Dining at an Ann Arbor Restaurant Palm Palace Mediterranean Restaurant
2370 Carpenter Rd
Ann Arbor, MI
(734) 606-0706

Experience upscale Mediterranean dining at its finest. At Palm Palace in Ann Arbor, authentic Mediterranean cuisine combines with dramatic surroundings to create a dining experience that is truly unique. And the owners insist that diners can taste the difference for themselves. The restaurant's menu focuses on enlivening the senses with the freshest ingredients and brightest flavors. Lemon. Olive Oil. Basil. Garlic. These and countless other traditional Mediterranean spices are used to create exquisite marinades for tender kabobs of lamb, chicken, and beef, which share the menu with everything from simple soups, salads and sandwiches to signature entrees and Moroccan-inspired classics like lamb and chicken Tajen. Every dish at the Palm Palace becomes an adventure, with images, aromas, and tastes that put new twists on familiar Mediterranean delights. Rounding out the offerings at Palm Palace are fresh-squeezed juices in the tradition of Lebanon, healthy and full of flavor. Like all of the restaurant's menu items these are made to order, and all of the food at Palm Palace is 100% Halal.

 Ann Arbor Italian Restaurant Gratzi Italian Restaurant in Ann Arbor
326 S. Main St.
Ann Arbor , MI
(734) 663-6387

Since 1987, Gratzi restaurant has been offering diners an elegant and authentic Italian dining experience, right in downtown Ann Arbor. Housed in the historic Orpheum Theater, Gratzi seats diners amidst the luxurious style and character of the Silver Screen era, with much of the décor hailing from the theater's 1930's heyday. Atop the list of preservations is a magnificent statue of the theater's namesake, Orpheus. The Greek of ancient myth whose stories and artworks could charm all living things now enchants Gratzi's patrons seated at the bar below. On a nearby wall, a mural painted in the Renaissance tradition portrays the Bacchanalia, ancient Roman festivals known for uninhibited revelry, setting a tone of indulgence and pure enjoyment for Gratzi's guests. The food at Gratzi is no less distinctive. Chef John Fischer harnesses his passion for food in creative and unique ways, regularly unveiling new menu items. Every month the kitchen will introduce guests to cuisine from a specific Italian region, each new dish prepared with a devotion to the distinctive flavors and ingredients of that culture. It comes as no surprise that Gratzi restaurant has been charming Ann Arbor for more than 25 years, and with loyal customers who continually return to re-live old memories, and make some new ones, they'll likely be around for 25 more.

Ann Arbor Global Restaurant Amadeus European Restaurant
122 E Washington St
Ann Arbor , MI
(734) 665-8767

Just a short walk from the University of Michigan is a place where Ann Arbor residents and guests can step back in time, Amadeus European Restaurant. Since 1988 the food and culture of Central Europe have been elegantly on display here, charming diners with authentic old-world dishes and unparalleled hospitality. Whether it be an appetizer of Polish pierogi, a glass of Hungarian sweet wine, or a classic Sacher Torte from Austria for dessert, the first taste of this restaurant's award winning cuisine transports guests to another place and time. Even at the first step into Amadeus, guests can believe they are stepping into some little café in Vienna, for an espresso or perhaps some poppyseed cake. Friday and Saturday evenings are especially popular, with classical piano and guitar performed live for dinner guests through 11pm. With candlelit tables set for two, Amadeus is a popular spot for couples to have a quiet bite before heading to one of the nearby theatres or concert venues. On these nights it's best to get there early, or better yet heed the establishment's advice and make a reservation.

Ann Arbor Italian Restaurant Argiero's Italian Restaurant
300 Detroit St
Ann Arbor , MI
(734) 665-0444

Authentic Italian cuisine can mean different things to different people. Many say good sauce is critical. Some base their opinions solely on the meatballs. Many folks are just trying to find a place to get a decent slice of pizza. At Argiero's Restaurant in Ann Arbor, the most important ingredient in homestyle Italian cooking is la familia-family. Since 1977 the Argiero family has been devoted to sharing the food and culture of their heritage with the Ann Arbor community. And the results speak for themselves. With a loyal customer base, several second place wins local readers polls, and a feature on the TV show Top Chef (where their meatballs took first place), the Argiero family has earned some bragging rights. Not to worry, though, they don't seem to be letting it go to their heads. Just like their mother Rosa, the restaurant's founder, Sam and Carmin still prepare their secret family sauce fresh every day. As always food is the focus, and the relaxed, casual atmosphere, full bar, and famous covered outdoor patio are just bonuses.

Ann Arbor Mexican Restaurant Tmaz Mexican Restaurant
3182 Packard Rd
Ann Arbor , MI

If you're looking for tacos in Ann Arbor, Tmaz Taqueria should be at the top of your list. With over 20 preparations to choose from, your toughest decision will be deciding how many you can eat. Eventually owner Cesar Hervert plans to offer 32 varieties of his famous tacos, each representing a different Mexican state. And no doubt he will. The former teacher turned restauranteur opened Tmaz in Ann Arbor 2011 after emigrating from Mexico ten years prior, and he brought the authentic tastes and recipes of his home with him. The restaurant's menu offers something for everyone. Street food favorites like tamales and popusas. Classic entrees like chiles rellenos. Add to that a variety of Mexican pastries, a selection of authentic regional sandwiches, a breakfast menu, and yes, an impressive list of tacos, and the title of taqueria starts to seem a little misleading (the word means taco stand). But Hervert doesn't get too caught up in the meaning of labels. He even prefers to avoid the implication of his new title, restauranteur. Tmaz is a taqueria, and the idea is simple, even if the tastes are not. Entirely homemade food, the best ingredients (organic as often as possible), something for everyone (many dishes are vegetarian), and plenty of passion. Sounds like Chef Hervert has found a recipe for success.

Ann Arbor Mediterranean Restaurant Mediterrano Restaurant
2900 S State St
Ann Arbor , MI
(734) 332-9700

Most chefs don't like to divulge their secrets. At Mediterrano Restaurant in Ann Arbor, owner John Roumanis openly shares his secret with the world: olive oil. Of course, not just any olive oil. The Roumanis family supplies Mediterrano with extra virgin olive oil from their own groves in Greece, and just as EVOO (as it's known colloquially) is one of the key ingredients in the notoriously healthy Mediterranean diet, it is perhaps the most important supply on the shelf in Mediterrano's kitchen. From the Oktapodi Riganato (braised octopus) and Spanish Sardines to the Linguine with Clam Sauce and Vegetable Pasta (all the pasta at Mediterrano is made in house), the Roumanis family olive oil finds its way into almost every dish. Added to that are the freshest ingredients, distinctive spices, and locally sourced (as often as possible) meat and produce all being used to create innovative cuisine representing over 14 different regions throughout the Mediterranean. Many of the restaurant's offerings are naturally vegetarian, and even gluten-free modifications are available for many dishes upon request.

Ann Arbor Steakhouse Restaurant Zingermans Roadhouse Restaurant
2501 Jackson Ave
Ann Arbor , MI
(734) 663-3663

Anyone who's spent time in Ann Arbor has been to visit at least one member of the Zingerman's family. Since 2003, Zingerman's Roadhouse restaurant has been known as number seven in the growing Community of Businesses. But this place isn't anyone's little brother. Co-founded by James Beard award-winning (2011) chef Alex Young, Zingerman's Roadhouse stands on its own as one of the most passionate and innovative American-food restaurants in the United States. At the core of the Roadhouse's cuisine is the farm-to-table philosophy. The menu is constantly evolving to reflect seasonal and local ingredients, much of the produce being supplied by Cornman Farms, just eight miles away. The 42-acre farm began 15 years ago as a football-field sized plot of tomatoes, and has now become an integral part of the sustainable, local, health-oriented philosophy to which Zingerman's Roadhouse is committed. From the mac and cheese (named best comfort food in the country by the Food Network) and Carolina barbecue to crab cakes and corn dogs, everything you eat at this restaurant has been treated thoughtfully and intentionally, every step of the way. From the micro-brews to the heirloom tomatoes, this is food that not only tastes good, but also nourishes both body and soul.

Ann Arbor Restaurant Jerusalem Garden Restaurant
307 S. 5th Avenue
Ann Arbor , MI
734 995-5060

For 27 years, family-owned and operated Jerusalem Garden has been preparing authentic and delicious Middle Eastern food for the residents and guests of southeastern Michigan. Situated smack-dab in the middle of Ann Arbor, this quaint, welcoming eatery puts up no pretense regarding its cuisine. Founded in 1987 by Rubhi Ramlawi, an immigrant from Jerusalem, and now owned by three of his children, the restaurant's philosophy has always been the same: fresh ingredients combined with old world recipes, lovingly prepared. Using traditional Ramlawi-family recipes for hummus, falafel, and many of the restaurant's other dishes, the kitchen at Jerusalem Garden offers healthy, affordable lunch and dinner options seven days a week. The menu includes many vegetarian choices, and even offers meals to go and catering service.

We hope we made it easier to decide between all the Ann Arbor Restaurants you could eat at.

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