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Ann Arbor Restaurants

Chances are you will only eat out a handful of times while you are here so eat like the Ann Arbor locals. Our guide to Ann Arbor Restaurants makes it easy to decide. We don't put together an exhaustive list of every restaurant in Ann Arbor, just the ones that are you are most likely to enjoy. We tried to put a variety of restaurants on the list, including Fine Dining Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Steakhouses, French Restaurants, Seafood and more. Let us know what you think about our Ann Arbor Restaurants guide.


Ann Arbor French Restaurant The Earle Restaurant
121 W Washington St
Ann Arbor, MI
(734) 994-0211

Located in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, The Earle Restaurant serves award-winning French and Italian country cuisine. The Restaurants list offers over 1,200 selections, and has received the Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence for 21 consecutive years. The dining room in Ann Arbor features live jazz five nights a week. Tuesday - Thursday a solo piano or solo guitar begins at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday our Jazz Trio plays, beginning at 8 p.m. Enjoy a relaxing evening in the cozy surroundings of our restaurants wine bar, featuring an extensive selection of wines by the glass and a full range of spirits, specialty martinis, and a complementary wine bar menu of sandwiches, hand-made pizzas, and other light fare. Our Happy Hour, voted Ann Arbor’s best, runs 5:00 - 8:00 Monday through Friday. Receive 20% off items on our wine bar menu, as well as most beverages by the glass. Enjoy mussels steamed in white wine, with garlic and tomatoes for $2.75 (first bowl with any purchase, $3.75 for additional bowls; available Monday-Friday until 6:30pm, kitchen opens at 5:30pm).

Upscale Ann Arbor Restaurant Logan Restaurant
115 W Washington St
Ann Arbor , MI
(734) 327-2312

We describe our style of food as "New American Cuisine", but what does that really mean? For us, it begins with exploiting time-honored restaurant techniques from French cooking, but applying them to the more far-flung culinary influences of contemporary America. Among these influences are Latin America, Europe, and many Asian cultures. We love to use traditional ingredients to create bold flavors, but we also strive for refinement and elegance. With so many different flavors and textures flowing from our restaurants kitchen, our wine list is always expanding and improving in order to allow for some very creative pairings. We acquire new wines almost daily. We place a very high premium on offering high quality, approachable wines from small, independent estates, but we also value affordability. Therefore, we want to make these wines accessible to all of our guests, while we strive to collaborate with talented vintners from all over the world. Here at Logan Restaurant in Ann Arbor, we feel that when the culture and passion of like-minded individuals are expressed, the culminating experiences are truly memorable. However, don't think that we put all of our grapes in one basket. Wine may be the backbone of our beverage revenue, but we also provide a superb selection of bottled beer and spirits, including an exquisite selection of single-malt scotch. Logan Restaurant is the result of its three owners' desire to establish a contemporary and elegant restaurant in Ann Arbor, based on Chef Thad Gillies' interpretation of "New American" cuisine. Named for Thad's son, Logan opened in November of 2004 with the backing of friends and family. Although Logan is quite different from your typical college town restaurant, it was fortunate to receive early press and is proud to have acquired a loyal clientele that has kept Thad's, Ryan's, and Kevin's dream alive. What dream is that? To create a place where restaurants could stretch their creative wings and accomplish all they thought possible, without the competing agendas of exterior ownership. Everyone at Logan Restaurant has a shared faith that there is a segment of the public that will respond and rally to support the independent pursuit of excellence. Today, Logan Restaurant has earned its reputation being one of Ann Arbor's very best restaurants with acclaim for its passionately prepared menu, its excellent selection of boutique wine and spirits, and its warm service consistently demonstrated by their staff.

Fine Dining at an Ann Arbor Restaurant Palm Palace Mediterranean Restaurant
2370 Carpenter Rd
Ann Arbor, MI
(734) 606-0706

Palm Palace is a Mediterranean chain known for its bright flavors and freshness, delicate marinades for chicken, lamb and beef kabobs which rely on the essential combinations of fresh lemon, aromatic olive oils and fragrant spices. Browse our selection of exquisite dishes from appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, and entrees. We have signature dishes, traditional Morrocan, and classic menu items. Palm Palace restaurants have been synonymous with upscale Mediteranean dining. The dramatic dining rooms are the perfect backdrop for the menu that showcases authentic Mediteranean cuisine ranging from the simple to the sublime, each offering an opportunity to experience classics and delicacies in new and exciting ways. Every plate becomes a culinary journey that ignites the senses. Palm Palace also features succulent Moroccan dishes, such the Classic Chicken or Lamb Tajen. Enjoy Lebanese-inspired healthy fresh squeezed juices, come in today and treat yourself to the authentic Mediteranean cuisine of Palm Palace. We guarantee that you will taste the difference. Aall our courses are made fresh to order. We're also proud to say that our food is 100 % Halal.

 Ann Arbor Italian Restaurant Gratzi Italian Restaurant in Ann Arbor
326 S. Main St.
Ann Arbor , MI
(734) 663-6387

Gratzi, an elegant Italian restaurant with distinct style, was founded in downtown Ann Arbor in December 1987. Formerly the Orpheum Theater, which screened the most popular movies of the day in the 1930s, Gratzi Italian Restaurant maintains the flair of the dramatic history still preserved today in the restaurant’s elegant décor and ambience. Seated above Gratzi Restaurants bar is a grand sculpture of Orpheus himself, the great poet and musician, overlooking dining room guests, while a beautifully painted Renaissance-style mural depicting an ancient bacchanal reinforces the indulgent and purely pleasurable atmosphere. Each month, Chef John Fisher creates new entrées specific to different regions of Italy. Indulge in the purely pleasurable atmosphere and savor unique flavors of regional Italian cuisine and wine right here in Ann Arbor. With creativity, passion and a commitment to creating innovative cuisine, Chef John Fischer continues to introduce new menu items that we hope you enjoy. Gratzi restaurant has definitely stood the test of time and has been a successful landmark in Ann Arbor for over 25 years! Every student who has attended University of Michigan or Eastern Michigan is familiar with Gratzi Restaurant. We are continually hearing stories from people who had their first date at Gratzi or got engaged there from people returning to visit the area.

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Ann Arbor Global Restaurant Amadeus European Restaurant
122 E Washington St
Ann Arbor , MI
(734) 665-8767

Amadeus Restaurant is a unique, world-class dining spot in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor. Fashioned after old-world Viennese cafes, Amadeus Restaurant offers a hearty menu of authentic, traditional and award-winning dishes from Central Europe (Poland, Hungary and Austria), a wide selection of European wines and beers, and a menu of homemade desserts, pastries and tortes. We have been open since 1988. Amadeus Restaurant invites you and your loved ones to enjoy live classical music on Friday and Saturday evenings. Reservations are recommended, especially on weekends. Amadeus is located at 122 E. Washington in Ann Arbor, in between Main Street and Fourth Avenue. We are one block east of Main Street, across from the 4th Avenue Parking Garage. Amadeus Restaurant is just blocks from the University of Michigan, as well as a number of downtown theatres and venues (The Ark, The Performance Network Theatre, Hill Auditorium, Rackham Auditorium, and Kerrytown Concert House). Taste of Ann Arbor 2008.

Ann Arbor Italian Restaurant Argiero's Italian Restaurant
300 Detroit St
Ann Arbor , MI
(734) 665-0444

Argieros Restaurant features one of the best patios in Ann Arbor, a full bar, carry out and catering, and delivery from 4-9pm. Argiero's Restaurant was founded by Rosa, her husband, and their four children and opened in December of 1977 in Ann Arbor. Today, Argiero's Restaurant is owned and operated by two of the sons, Sam and Carmin. Argiero's is the only Italian Restaurant, in Ann Arbor, currently run by an Italian family. The Restaurant has been an Ann Arbor favorite for many years. Many loyal customers enjoy its wonderful dishes, relaxed atmosphere, and of course, the covered outside patio. Recently, Argiero's Restaurant won second place, again, in the Ann Arbor News Reader Poll in the winter of 2007. Also, in 2005 Argiero's Restaurant was featured on the famous Food Network, where our meatballs won first place on the show "Top Five." If you are looking for home-style Italian food, Argiero's Restaurant is a can't miss, where we prepare our sauce daily. Also, don't forget Argiero's Restaurant has the best pizza in town! Pull up the menu and come try one of your personal favorites from the Italian dishes on our menu.

Ann Arbor Mexican Restaurant Tmaz Mexican Restaurant
3182 Packard Rd
Ann Arbor , MI

Welcome to Tmaz Taqueria in Ann Arbor. Real, authentic, and great-tasting Mexican food starts at Tmaz Taqueria Restaurant. Located on Packard Street between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, Tmaz Taqueria Restaurant offers some of the best fresh, homemade, authentic Mexican tacos and Latin American Food in Ann Arbor. Every dish in our restaurant is prepared fresh in-house, every single day, using organic ingredients whenever possible, making healthy food for customers in Ann Arbor who just can’t get enough. We specialize in a variety of Tacos, Tortas, and a few chef specials to satisfy everyone’s tastes and diet. We also offer a variety of Mexican pastries and baked goods all prepared fresh each morning. Both pickup and delivery services are available from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Sunday. All the food is homemade, and he tries to use organic ingredients whenever possible. All entrées are served with Mexican rice, veggie beans or charro beans, hot tortillas. Eventually Hervert hopes to have a total of thirty-two types of tacos–one for each of Mexico’s thirty-two states.

Ann Arbor Mediterranean Restaurant Mediterrano Restaurant
2900 S State St
Ann Arbor , MI
(734) 332-9700

Mediterrano Restaurant in Ann Arbor. From the south of France to Greece and from Spain to North Africa, at Mediterrano Restaurant we are inspired by flavors from over 14 countries within the Mediterranean region. Our Chefs in Ann Arbor carefully select their favorite characteristics of cuisine from each country and combine them to create a menu with an innovative fusion of flavors, ingredients and spices. We take immense care to present great food paired with great service, for an overall exceptional dining experience. From the south of France to Greece and from Spain to North Africa, at Mediterrano Restaurant we are inspired by flavors from over 14 countries within the Mediterranean region. Our Chefs carefully select their favorite characteristics of cuisine from each country and combine them to create a menu with an innovative fusion of flavors, ingredients and spices. We take immense care to present great food paired with great service, for an overall exceptional dining experience in Ann Arbor. The Mediterranean diet is well known for being healthy and nutritious. In line with this, at Mediterrano we ardently believe in fresh, high quality ingredients. Whenever possible we make strong efforts to source our protein and produce from local farmers and purveyors. In addition, we strive to craft victuals that nourish your body as well as your senses.

Ann Arbor Steakhouse Restaurant Zingermans Roadhouse Restaurant
2501 Jackson Ave
Ann Arbor , MI
(734) 663-3663

Zingerman’s Roadhouse is the seventh member of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses located in Ann Arbor, MI. We are passionate about the fabulous foods found all around America and are dedicated to bringing them to food-loving folk (almost) anywhere. Ever since we first opened the Deli’s doors back in 1982, Zingerman’s has been about getting great-tasting food, fun and educational eating experiences to our guests. We’ve traveled all over the world to find traditional, full-flavored foods to bring back to Ann Arbor. The Roadhouse has allowed us the opportunity to really channel that energy into our own backyards by focusing solely on the amazing array of really good American food that we’ve got right here at home. Since we opened in 2003, we’re more excited than ever about offering you incredible grits from South Carolina, amazingly flavorful pork from the Niman Ranch network of small Iowa family farms, local meat, including beef, pork, lamb and goats, and flavorful heirloom vegetables, from our own Cornman Farms, artisan cheeses, and micro-brewed beers and fine wines from all over the US. And we’re having more fun than ever making full-flavored versions of old-time classics like macaroni and cheese, crab cakes made with real Maryland jumbo lump blue crab, really good fried chicken, Carolina barbecue and darned good corn dogs. As you peruse the menu, don’t hesitate to stop us and ask for a taste of anything you’re wondering about—we’ve taken time to develop every recipe, and we can’t wait to talk to you about it. We hope you enjoy your meal as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together for you. Sourcing local meat. Preparing barbecue everyday means that we cook with a lot of meat at the Roadhouse and always have used really good stuff like Niman Ranch and chickens from the Amish farmers in Indiana. As time goes on, we have opportunities to develop our connections to the community, and it has become more and more important to contribute to our community in any and every way possible. We’re working hard to create change in our own small piece of the food system. Finding local meat sources means that we’re looking for producers whose passion matches our own. We look for individuals who have the ability to produce really full-flavored meat. We work with them to select the breeds–old breeds–whose flavor profile satisfies our specifications. We then look to ensure that they are fed a natural diet and raised in a sustainable and healthy manner.

Ann Arbor Restaurant Jerusalem Garden Restaurant
307 S. 5th Avenue
Ann Arbor , MI
734 995-5060

Visit our corner of Palestine and the Midwest in the heart of Ann Arbor. Our Restaurant serves many delicious vegetarian options and omnivore dishes: Enjoy fabulous falafel; grilled kafta kabob plate; or savor our famous lentil soup. Brighten your day in our cheerful, expanded restaurant in Ann Arbor or our friendly lunch counter. On the run? Take it to go! The essential spirit of Jerusalem Garden in Ann Arbor goes back to a big-hearted immigrant who cared about people - and wanted his family to have something to nourish themselves after he was gone.

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We hope we made it easier to decide between all the Ann Arbor Restaurants you could eat at.

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